Nouveau Hits Septembre 2013 vol 3 en diffusion sur cotentin-webradio ! (Wale,Kid Cudi,Eminem..) > Ecoutez nous en MP3 ! - Cotentin webradio actu,jeux video,info médias,la webradio electro !
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Cotentin webradio actu,jeux video,info médias,la webradio electro !

Visitez le site de la webradio Cotentin webradio,découvrez et écoutez chaque jour nos hits Dance,electro,Trance,House,Deep,EDM,Remix - extended,les nouveautes club 24/24 et 7/7 . Decouvrez sur le site l'actu du jour,Musique,concerts,l'info en Normandie,le jeux video de l'univers PS4,XBOX,PC,le buzz du jour , les Singles-clips 2016,l'actu cinema,people,radio et television. Vous avez une actu,un clip,un single,un coup de coeur,un jeux video ? Contactez-nous et nous relayerons la news sur le site gratuitement ! Vous voulez un echange de lien ? Contactez-nous. Ecoutez notre webradio en mp3 128kbs sur votre pc en cliquant sur les liens présents sur le site avec votre lecteur medias favoris ,VLC,Realradio,Winamp,WMA,Orange liveradio,radioways,radioline et bien d'autres,voir sur le site dans partenaires. Ecoutez nous egalement sur le site a l'aide du player dans notre colonne de droite.

Nouveau Hits Septembre 2013 vol 3 en diffusion sur cotentin-webradio ! (Wale,Kid Cudi,Eminem..) > Ecoutez nous en MP3 !

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Ecoutez cotentin webradio en mp3 pour decouvrir nos hits du moment !

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New playlist Septembre 2013 vol 1:


Rihanna: what now (electro remix) - Enrique iglesias: turn the night up - ariana grande: baby i - the weekend: live for - dj khaled: i wanna be with you - john newman: love me again - kid cudi: going to the ceremony - tydi: nothing really matters - ace hoods: we outlea - rhye: open - icona pop: my party - fergie: netfix - wale: no pain no gain - juicy j : the woods - discopolis: falling - zenithbia - chuckie: mufakta - hollywood tonight - linkin park: a light that never feat steve aoki - guetta: toyfriend  .....

Alex gaudino feat nicole: missing you-Stromae: AVF- ta fête- Eminem: survival- Adam lambert: love wins over - Lady gaga: applause- katy perry: roar - ellie goulding: midas touch - skrillex: first of the year - deadmau5: meow - jack holiday: real love - ladiback: dynamo - danny wild: happy people - fred pellichero: psycopath - muttonhead: snow white - tony demaro: fuckin'motiv - steve aoki (4 singles) - bassejacker: red step - justice: on'on'on - marina and the diamonds: power of control - primadonna (remix benassi) - sher monroe: push push - hook'n'slig feat chris willis: magnet - hardwell: jumper - the cube guys:work to be gone - UB40 feat willy william: wine red - vicetone : tremble - fedde le grand: lion -nicky minaj feat chris brown....

et toujours

Icona pop: all night - Martin solveig: blow - the weeknd: love in the sky - Nicci: The summer is magic - Lana del rey: Youg and beautiful (kaskade remix) - TJR: what's up suckaz - Duke dumont : the giver - Diclosure: what's in your head - Jack Holiday: missing you - Lol Deejays - steve aoki: pile driver - stromae: formidable remix - yuksek: boys and girls - irina feat dave audé: one last kiss - juanes: cumbia sexy - luciana - erika jayne - disco libido - skrillex - noisestorm - beyoncé  -quista: misunderstood - katy perry: TGIF - maxwell: dilling dynasty - avicii: home again - tommy trash: trashy silouette - avicii: drowing - bingo players: get on the move - birdy nam nam :defiant order - superman lovers: moments - joop: sex grenade - major lazer: the fog - ramirez: pullover 2013 - westbam: she wants - must die: clankers - showtek: we are loud - para one: you too - neon jungle: trouble - cosmic gate: crushed - unseen dimensions: one life - dj hendrix dalinda - bella x: beats in my ass - stereotronique: no holding now - gregori lilosman: baasjakers - morgan paige: strange mamooth - sick individuals: pepper - deadmau 5: the weldt alive - weatman- enfold - mab of god: laid to rest - macklemore: can't hold us remix - norman doray: filtré - basto: dance with me - jason forte: together - rihanna : what nowEmilio vs sander van doorn: joyenergizer - Sander van doorn: love is darkness - eagles - close my eyes - kangaroo - Skrillex: rio hotel - the devil's den - stave aoki: boneless - mike candy's feat evelyn: one more time 2K13 - everybody yee- la disco loca - rhytm is a dancer - Rusko: lift me up - she: come see me - benassi feat jhon legend: dance the pain - robin thicke: blurred lines rmix electro - loreen: requiem solution - maroon 5 :love somebody - macklemore: thrif shop electro - david vendetta: love is love - reflekt: need to feel - Diclosure: F for you - martin garrix: animals - bloc party: signes - tom budin: shape shift - kylie minogue: skirt electro - dizzi: dimmi - motorcycle: ashe rush comes - duke dumont: homd on - broombeck: wild bitch - balthazar: the beauty and the beast - party ghost: on my way - kanye west: black skinhead - deejay theory: spiterful chant - julie thompsn: you secret shafe - john callagha'n: i m follow - showtek: dutchie - music in the mind- alive louder - gosha: i can't get - afrojack: the way we see - nervo: reason - norman doray: something to believe we see - justinprime: brisk - freedom - amaba sheperd: damage control - soldier -Tiesto: back to the acid - shorker - bad romance - work hard - welecom to ibiza - bruno mars: treasure electro - daft punk get lucky remix - axwell: in my mind - together - i found you - roar - steve aoki: misery - jack holiday: raise your hands - stromae: formidable elctro - steve aoki: forever - david guetta: ain't a party - 2 cahinz: birday's song - rihanna: right now - 2 cahainz: no lies - Big ali: calypso - bakermat: vandaag - dj antoine: this time - remady: holidays- milk inc - lyloo - macklmore - sexion d'assaut remix - Brodinski: Let the beat control your body - Britney spears: oh la la - SkruX: find you - Le youth: cool - Birdy nam nam feat skkrillex: going'on - nobody: last dance - plump's dj: son of the gun - duck sauce: it's you - danny avitra: voltage - major lazer - Snoop Dogg - The socialytes: white girl - ace ventura: pensena - Daft punk: doin't right- axwell: center of the universe - hook'n sling: don't you know - armand van helden: you dont know me 2013 - armin van buuren: intense .... hardwell: never say goodby - duck sauce: big bad wolf - fenech soler: stop and stare - nicky romero: symphonica - yves larock: rise up 2013 - cedric gervais: things can only - kaskade: atmosphére - irina: one last kiss - imagine the dragons:radioactive - tiesto: paradise - marie marie: under the neon sky - Stromae: Papaoutai - Tal feat Flo-rida: Danse - Daft Punk: Give life back dance - Ocean Drive: SOS - Milk Inc: La Vache 2K13 - Major Lazer: Bubble Butt (remix) - Jessica- Kavinsky: odd look - woodkid: i love you - Stromae: Formidable - Humain a l'eau (maxi)Reepublic: turn of the lights - Matthieu Sanders: Hustle Up - Superclass: Satisfastion (2K13) - Maeva Carter: Fatal Weapon - Sub Focus: Endorphins (tommy trash remix) - Corneille /Kerry James - Major Lazer - Marina and the diamonds: just desserts - tristan casana: do it patatoes - fedde le grand: rockin' rolling - monsta: come find me - diclosure: control - hardwell: never say goodbye - animals - move it - vicetone feat obama: hope - don diablo: give it all



Kesha feat Pitbull: crazy kids -steve aoki: omega - lady di - tai feat steve aoki: lose yourself - lumidee: dance 2K13 - carlprit: shake that boo boo - mike candys: brand new day - italobrothers: my life is a party - this is nightlife - ricksick: walker (chuck norris) - erick ness: stereoceltic - mark knight: your love - robin thicke: blurred lines - haim: falling (duke dumont remix) ak-track: tuna melt - dusky: nobody else - kris menace: waiting for you - hardwell: never say goodbye - empire of the sun: alive - deadmau5: telecunications - tiesto: take me - kraak: the future is yours - antoine clamaran: this is my goodbye - dj pauly: back to love ...

Laly et bob sinclar

Drake: girls love beyoncé - Armin van Buuren: this is what i feel - Depeche mode: soothe my soul (remix) - Dimitri vegas: turn it up - Asap Rocky:max julien - Fantasia feat kelly rowland feat MissY Elliot: without me - Nervo: in the past - Televisor: starlight - knife party: power glove - ellie goulding: don't stop - yoko ono feat dave audé: hold me - avicii feat aloe blacc: id wake up -angi 3: talk shit - ecotek: alexDaft Punk: get lucky (extended) - Showtek: get loose ..... Daft Punk: Megamix 2013- Dido: end of night remix - snoop lion feat miley cyrus - Justin Timberlake: suit and tie (white noise remix house) - Inna:we're going to the club - Don diablo - GTA: hit it - eva simmons: chemistry - sander van doorn: ten -feddé le grand:long way home - style of eye: after dark - project 46: no one - jimmy and fred: i see light - swanky tunes: you and nobody - vicetone:heart break - antoine clamaran:this is my good bye - submotion orchestra:all yours - barbara tucker: i wanna dance with somebody - arty: together we are - sultan : army - nicki romero:still be name - deniz koyou: halo - no doubt: settle down (remix major lazer) - major lazer feat baaeur: talk about me - major lazer: don - beastie boys feat santigold : don't play game no name ....


Plus tous les hits deja en diffusion !!

Ecoutez nous en mp3
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